Sunday, July 31, 2011

Refurbished Blackberry Price List 1/8/2011

Price may vary day to day, please call to double confirm the price!*

All refurbished set selling here comes with full accessories, which is included: charger, battery, usb data cable, head set, CD/manual/box set.

For dealers, please call for another quote with minimum order of 3 units.

BB8220-350, BB8520-550/580white, BB8900-550, BB9000-550/580white, BB9300-700, BB9500-450, BB9520-730, BB9700-850/880white

                       Blackberry 9500 STORM RM450
                       Blackberry 9000 BOLD RM550
                       Blackberry 9700 BOLD2 RM850
                       Blackberry 8900 CURVE RM550
                       Blackberry 9000 BOLD White RM580

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